The Madhuram Family

Any meal is incomplete without good quality rice. We at Madhuram understand that. We also understand that people from different parts of the country have their own preferences when it comes to rice. Ponni, for instance, is predominantly consumed across Tamilnadu, while Sona Masoori is a staple across Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. So there is a definite need to cater to varying tastes.

Which is why we are bringing you the finest variety of rice sourced from across the country. No matter where you are from, or what your taste is, our rice products will make every meal memorable'

Our range of products


Meticulously sourced and thoughtfully packed, our everyday products will bring a world of wholesomeness to your meals. From Ponni and Rajabhogham to Matta and Sona Masoori, we assure you that all your rice needs will be met.


Aromatic biryanis, flavourful pulaos, soft and fluffy idlis - you name it, our speciality range has it. Perfect for all kinds of recipes, both classic and contemporary


A must-have over the ages, dal holds pride of place in almost every Indian kitchen. Rich in proteins and a number of essential nutrients, our handpicked dal varieties are sure to lift your dishes up many notches.